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THIS POST IS NOW DEPRECIATED. Check out the current version at the community.

The following is a list of all Mindcrack fanfiction your neighborhood mod has found so far, which will be edited as more is found. Be sure to check the comments for fics found by other contributors, and feel free to comment if you find anything I've missed!

Italicized summaries are written by the author, otherwise they've been written by me the moderator.

ThaddyG's Field Reports: the Death Games | the Spidercube | Far Lands or Prank
ThaddyG retells Prank Wars with a militaristic and political flair.

Expedition to the Faraway Lands by graymorality
An explorer tracks a mysterious man walking west.

Herobrine and kurtjmac by Wandergirl18
Herobrine only wishes to protect the land that Kurt travels.

MindcrackErotica ficlets: Missing scenes and extras based on various videos. I cannot link to them in context for they were deleted when the account was banned from the subreddit, but I've provided summaries below anyway.

  • Beef: Something for Everyone: Pause and Beef expanding on the concept of "erotic mining".

  • Etho: Blast Zone: Docm and Etho, reunited.

  • Kurt: Minmus or Bust 1: Bill is no Wolfie.

  • Etho: Light Panel: Docm and Etho travel to Paris.

  • Guude: Vikings: The village needs to be repopulated.

Such a Noob by [personal profile] damnreddit
The Death Games get complicated. (The Death Games, Etho's trolling, and Nebris' admiration all come to a head. Etho x Nebris, NSFW)

Eros, Philia, Agape by [personal profile] damnreddit
A conversation about love, in the middle of the night. (Doc and Etho discuss love, privacy, and Greek vocabulary. mildly Docm/Etho)

Thread is Ripping by [personal profile] damnreddit
The aftermath of a lie. (Direct sequel to "Eros, Philia, Agape". There are things that Doc wants that he won't say out loud. Docm x Etho, NSFW)

Millbee vs. Pyrao: the War of the Rainbow submitted by Reddim
Millbee earns his colors.

The following fics are considered part of Altverse, and are very roughly in chronological order, though Altverse does not strictly follow video upload order.

Perceptions by [personal profile] guiltyshirts
Kurt has some feelings, but Zisteau's distracted.

a journey taken together by me the moderator
A direct sequel to the one above: In which BdoubleO answers a question on Kurt's mind.

Learning to Fly by [personal profile] guiltyshirts
Zisteau watches as Kurt gains some skills.

Quiet by [personal profile] guiltyshirts
Zisteau learns of Wolfie's disappearance and tries to comfort Kurt in his own way.

Advice by [personal profile] guiltyshirts
A conversation with Bdubs gives Kurt a lot to think about. (In which Kurt learns some interesting things, ostensibly about Bdubs' and Guude's relationship.)

The following pieces of fic by me will eventually be folded into To Hear the Words of the Universe, which is OOG-shippy and will in the future be NSFW.

Jason enters another world.
Why MC Gamer really runs Good Morning Mindcrack. (hints of Nebris/MC)

The Mindcrack Movie series by Guardax: 1 | 2 | 3
A truly epic tale of valor and drama, featuring nearly every Mindcracker!

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I liked your descriptions -- you can keep them if you want!


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