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From now on, this journal will represent the machinations and thoughts of the moderator of [community profile] mindcracklove. While the old posts will stay open, it is probably in your best interests to check things out over there instead.
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Obviously, the Mindcrack marathon begins in nine hours.

Meanwhile at work, we are giving away salad.

That is all. <3
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Put up publicly to keep me mostly accountable, behind cuts so you don't have to see it if you don't want to. SPOILERS AHEAD for all the fics I need to write.

[personal profile] ficeny: Nebris hates that he admires Etho )

[personal profile] theropod: To Hear the Words OOG )


[profile] voufreal: Single Malt and tattoos )

[personal profile] bluetwilight: AU silliness, Kurt POV )

unrelated to the contest: Torchbane/MC after the July 21/22 late night stream )

unrelated to both the contest and real life: the strangest theorem, lemma, proof )


tangential things from saladchat:

MCbris, sad version, MC drifting from Mindcrack
MCbris happy version (PAX East?)
CobbleHaters OT3 general
MC/Pak fluff
happy Doc/Etho (needs to happen)
everything else To Hear The Words
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something's happened in my family that I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about just yet

either way, I may be even less present than usual for the next few days...or I may be on constantly as a coping mechanism, and there's only one way to find out

I trust that you guys can handle yourselves but I should let you know now
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It is probably really stalkerish and creepy that I saved this link before it was removed from the Reddit, but I did.

Something I usually don't share with fandom - with most people outside of my family and partner, really - is my take on faith. Because I *am* religious - Catholic and a rebel, really, a believer in God, in Jesus, in Catholic sacrament, in organized religion as a whole, without agreeing with every single thing coming out of the Vatican - and that tends to be an unpopular opinion in fandom, in the geeky part of the Internet, and even in mathematics and science itself.

When I was in college, I was a part of the Catholic ministry. It was tiny - as you'd expect of a small school, as you'd expect of a school full of scientists and engineers, as you'd expect of a Catholic ministry in a largely Protestant part of the country - but it was wonderful, tight knit, and deeply emotional. I was a cantor pretty much my entire college career - about five years, including graduate school - up on stage every Sunday evening, leading this miniscule congregation to worship through song. (I'm only about half as talented as Bdubs, though, if that.)

And those experiences - every Sunday evening, as the sun set through the windows of our tiny chapel - were some of the most earth shaking and moving ones of my life. Any creative enterprise is emotional at its core, including making music; and worship is all about that emotion, where you focus it, what God and the universe is calling you to do, to create, to teach. Worship challenges people to become better, to become stronger, to break down the walls between them and the awesomeness they can be. I've cried - outright sobbed - during Mass before, completely overwhelmed with emotion; with what I have done wrong of my own fault, yes, but also of all the possibilities ahead and all the ways to improve as a human being laid before me. And Catholics are usually very stoic compared to most Christians, least likely to show the emotions that God is sweeping through them...and still, I wept, like a child.

So watching one of my LPer idols, someone strong and brave and full of conviction, sing to worship God in front of others - it was an inspiring moment, and a moving one, and one with which I could fully empathize.
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This is mostly a note to self, and it will be edited as it goes along. This is actually the first time I've ever moderated a community like this. (I'm also a moderator on my Minecraft server of choice, but that's a whole different kettle of fish.)

  • To Hear the Words of the Universe: seriously, just about everything. But mostly people are clamoring for the NSFW bits, which theoretically should be easiest anyway. Theoretically and practically are two different things, moderator dear.

  • Fanart post like the fanfic post, as suggested by [personal profile] placeblocks Seems like [personal profile] kissingpigmen is working on some art; let that spur some fanart discussion! This happened! It will probably become a weekly post like Chit Chat'n. Fanart Friday, gotta get down on Friday? Or is there a better/more Mindcrack-y joke to make?

  • Make a concerted effort to message ship-friendly people on the subreddit about the existence of the community

  • Message the inactive people who have never posted on DW to encourage participation (Well, neither of them have verified their e-mails, so this didn't happen, but I tried.)

  • Start adding all the things to the AO3. And tag your non-Mindcrack stuff properly.

  • Small fixes to the journal style: Certainly make post/comment titles not use small caps for lowercase. That's the kludgiest solution I've seen you ever do, but ehn, whatever. Also, is it possible to have some sort of pseudotag enabled for the snarky yellow text? Integrate it into the journal style somehow? Find out.

  • start collating co-op series for the massive list

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[A note from the moderator: I did not write this! This was written by [personal profile] guiltyshirts , but the formatting was all messed up, so I have been given permission to repost it properly. It's quite lovely, so check it out!]

[A note from the author: I can't believe I'm going to post this, I don't even know how good it is, but I'm getting it out of my head. One-sided Kurt/Z, introspection, and Kurt being really down on himself. I've taken a bit of liberty with timelines to reference things I thought would fit. I couldn't think of a title, and no idea if I'm going to do any more. If anyone wants to run with this, please do! I feel bad ending it there. Someone write Kurt some happiness?]

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Hello guys~!

Generally, if you want to contact me, I check the messages both at this account and at Reddit regularly, so sending me a PM works just fine. But of course, both of those things require having an account. If you don't want to get a sockpuppet account, or if you'd just like to tell me something while staying anonymous, this post is here - just comment!

All comments are screened so I will be the only one to see them.
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THIS POST IS NOW DEPRECIATED. Check out the current version at the community.

The following is a list of all Mindcrack fanfiction your neighborhood mod has found so far, which will be edited as more is found. Be sure to check the comments for fics found by other contributors, and feel free to comment if you find anything I've missed!

Italicized summaries are written by the author, otherwise they've been written by me the moderator.

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