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fic brainstorming and such

Put up publicly to keep me mostly accountable, behind cuts so you don't have to see it if you don't want to. SPOILERS AHEAD for all the fics I need to write.

[personal profile] ficeny: Nebris hates that he admires Etho

set after Nebris' paranoia episode building beacons. Nebris flops down in bed, exhausted.

He should be scared - Etho is intimidating and wants to kill him. At least, he should hate him for making him so scared in his own home. But to be completely honest, Etho doesn't elicit either response.

Will almost certainly get NSFW. Etho will probably visit, sneaky ninja he is. Also insights into Nebris' character, why he admires Etho's abilities and strength and can't stop thinking about it.

Halfway done. Scene set up, now time for smut.

[personal profile] theropod: Guude and Bdubs in To Hear the Words of the Universe

Depends on Thero's response. Could be any of the following:

* Prelude A: in-world Guude and Bdubs, as their relationship becomes serious (this will basically be adorable fluff in the style of Altverse)
* Prelude B: Minecon 2011: Jason and John, drunk and alone (this will not be as happy)
* Jason's first night in-world with Bdubs (almost certainly NSFW)
* Jason tells Bdubs that he's not really Guude and why he really wants to go to the End
* Epilogue: Minecon 2012: Jason and John, drunk and alone again (may or may not be NSFW)

To be honest, I will probably write all of these eventually.

Thero's picked Prelude B.

So we know the night before "Moments before the Minecon sex tape", there was drinking - a LOT of drinking - at Jason and John's hotel room. Others were there, for sure, but eventually the two are left alone so they can sleep before Jason's panel in the morning.

So it is late. John's a chatty, semi-affectionate sort of drunk. Jason's been contemplating for ages now - since Legendary, or maybe even before - his unusual relationship with this man that he'd only now met in real life. And he's so close, and so warm, and so goddamn gorgeous...and his own inhibitions are down thanks to the alcohol.

Figuring the shit that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Jason tries to confess and/or sneak a kiss in - with disastrous results.


[profile] voufreal: Kurt explains his tattoos to Zisteau.

I imagine this is based off of Gomeric's art with a sleeve involving the Voyager golden record, etc. Lots of space imagery. The chance to be alone, confronted with the beauty of the universe, away from the silliness that humans do.

[personal profile] bluetwilight: Something outside the "canon", in Kurt's point of view.

I'm terrible at this! For some reason I thought of Kurt vs. Zisteau on The Ultimate Miner, though. Is that crazy?

unrelated to the contest: Torchbane/MC. I donated money so that Torchbane would rest their head on MC's lap.

Torchbane's warm breath on MC's hands as well as elsewhere. MC hiding his squirming, shaky hands making the rest of the run suck.

MC claimed to need the bathroom and to hear the shower going off right at the end of the stream...

unrelated to both the contest and real life: Theorem: Kawa is totally utterly cool with RPF. This is something Kawa has assumed to be true her whole life - or at least ever since she started writing athlete RPF as a teenager.

Lemma: Kawa can emotionally handle the existence of RPF about herself that is factually false. She claims she'd be flattered.

Proof: Kawa will write said RPF.

Kawa/Torchbane, blushing Kawa embarrassed by Torchbane, thinking strange thoughts after said stream earlier - and liking it.



tangential things from saladchat:

MCbris, sad version, MC drifting from Mindcrack
MCbris happy version (PAX East?)
CobbleHaters OT3 general
MC/Pak fluff
happy Doc/Etho (needs to happen)
everything else To Hear The Words

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