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2013-07-22 11:53 am
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fic brainstorming and such

Put up publicly to keep me mostly accountable, behind cuts so you don't have to see it if you don't want to. SPOILERS AHEAD for all the fics I need to write.

[personal profile] ficeny: Nebris hates that he admires Etho )

[personal profile] theropod: To Hear the Words OOG )


[profile] voufreal: Single Malt and tattoos )

[personal profile] bluetwilight: AU silliness, Kurt POV )

unrelated to the contest: Torchbane/MC after the July 21/22 late night stream )

unrelated to both the contest and real life: the strangest theorem, lemma, proof )


tangential things from saladchat:

MCbris, sad version, MC drifting from Mindcrack
MCbris happy version (PAX East?)
CobbleHaters OT3 general
MC/Pak fluff
happy Doc/Etho (needs to happen)
everything else To Hear The Words