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Date: 2012-09-19 12:22 pm (UTC)
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I like the image of the RV ride, if only because it has fun implications of the things people building in Minecraft "coming to life" in this Mindcrack-verse. Kurt is really building missiles and Arkas' mothership might take off if he ever finishes it, that sort of thing. XD And it makes sense, this roving hermit parked in front of the Arena, commuting back and forth.

Part of the reason I asked about openness and polyamory is going to be embedded in "To Hear the Words", though. Certainly there's Mr. PolyUnpoly and his exercise-in-contrast boyfriends, figuring out their situation as they go along. But also, well, to take it back to the "real world" of "To Hear the Words": Jason and John are each in their own closed heterosexual relationships with their respective wives. Jason is starting to realize that he wants John in his life in a more-than-best-friends way, which is scary and weird enough, and when he tries to tell John about this in a roundabout way he kind of gets rejected. And now he's presented with a choice: go back to the old world, with the wife and daughter he loves but also all the complications and stress and pain of the situation with John and Youtube in general, or live in this arguably simpler world with Bdubs with nothing else in the way but sacrifice the life he has now.

But to really capture that - and the final solution I kind of want, though who knows if the characters will let it happen - I need to figure out how in Jason's head John would be anything other than "the best friend I play games and drink with and bond with in this amazing way" while still holding on to "the wife I chose to spend my life with who helps me raise this beautiful little girl". And hopefully learning to empathize with polyamory will help with that.
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