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*nods* I like that, and it is a fascinating concept.

I don't think it'd be too tidy, but then I'm a sucker for happy endings. *lol* Perhaps a few different degrees of 'being together', and some other happy resolutions - friends making up, stuff like that. MC/Nebris could be as simple as deciding to stop dancing around, with the actual 'together' part still to come.

Okay, this is what hit me over the head: how's K/Z going to work if Zisteau really is a zombie pigman? They're different races entirely, and other people probably fear Zisteau because he's from the Nether. They could be wanting to be together but unable because everyone would turn against them. (Not to mention the, uh, physical compatability would be questionable) Perhaps Zisteau used to be human, but was cursed and flung into the Nether. (By the Wither Boss for trying to steal the Nether Star? :p) The pigmen took him in, but he eventually found his way back to the overworld, perhaps when the first portal was made. He could have been in the Nether a long time, so nobody remembers him as human. Kurt has always been kind to him and is the only one who really sees past his skin. Zisteau could decide to go to the End both to help Jason, and because Kurt is going. Something happens during/after the last fight to break the curse, making him human again, so they can be together at last. (My over-romantic brain thinks sacrificing himself to save Kurt would be suitable, so he dies but is then restored to life as a human. Plus, head-cradling as he dies in Kurt's arms. Sappy and cliche, I know.)

The whole human/non-human thing does have possible repercussions for other pairings, like Doc/Etho and Pause/Millbee, depending on how non-human you want to make Doc and Millbee. And anyone else I'm forgetting.

Going to the End: could be a mix of reasons. Some of them want to help Jason because he's helped them, they might think it's just the right thing to do, they might want to save the world (see next bit), they might go just because their possibly newly-found loved one or friend is one of the above.

The 'more swaps' was more of a 'this will/could keep happening if you don't put it right', and would threaten the new friendships and bonds that they're starting to make. Although that might be too much weight on Jason to go back simply to do the right thing, as it were.

Sorry for the long stream-of-thought text there. XD
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